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Avid Microchip Pet in Rockford IL
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Avid Microchip

Microchips are small computer chips that are the size of a grain of rice that are inserted under pets skin between their shoulder blades.

Your pet now has his own unique ID number. We recommend that all pets receive a microchip to help ensure that your pet is returned to you if ever lost or stolen.

The AVID® Microchip is an implantable medical device which safely identifies your pet. Microchipping your pet is the most safe and effective solution to permanently identify your pet at any time.

Everyone is very polite, knows
how to work with any pet we have taken there, and they are all very good at what they do. My uncle asked me why I made him drive all the way across town today for my cat and I told him, “Because I know how well they work with pets and I know for sure that they know what they’re doing”. Plus my cat got some tasty food there to distract him from his shots and it made him a happy boy.