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Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a very exciting advancement in modern veterinary medicine.

Laser Therapy is a painless and non-invasive procedure that uses photons (light) to improve cell health, reduce inflammation, stimulate blood flow and release endorphins (body’s natural pain killer). It is useful for post-surgical incisions, injury treatment, granulomas, cat bite abscesses, chronic ear infections and neck and back pain.

Pets do not have to be sedated for laser therapy. Experience is usually pleasant and comforting. Improvement is sometimes seen after first treatment. However, most pets require several treatments to achieve maximum benefits.

My husband and I took our cat
boxer to doctor frosts office a week ago with what we thought was a back problem. Come to find out he had an infection and we thought we may need to put him down. He is 90 percent better and doing well but Doctor Frost and all his staff were amazing they have called to check in on boxer to see how he is doing. I want to say thank you again to the staff you all were so wonderful.