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Dog Surgery
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Our clinic offers a wide range of surgical procedures. We very commonly perform spay and neuter surgeries. We also perform soft tissue surgeries such as tumor removal, splenectomies, bladder stone removal and biopsies. Pre-anesthetic bloodwork is a must and done prior to the procedure.

Each patient has an IV catheter placed, fluids given and oxygen, blood pressure, heart rate are continuously monitored. Pain management is a vital aspect of our pre intra & post operative medical protocol.

Our recovery room is heated and a camera monitors the patient from any computer in the clinic. Also, a surgical technician is with your pet when waking up from anesthesia and monitored for a safe recovery.

My dog recently had to have her eye removed after being diagnosed with glaucoma. I was a nervous wreck putting my sweet 10 year old morkie through this. I had read horror stories of what to expect post op. Fortunately, Lovey’s surgery and post op care went smooth as can be. The day after surgery the clinic texted me to check in. Each curbside appointment I experienced with minimal wait time and the techs came out to the car excited to see Lovey and cuddled her as if she was their own. I was comforted knowing she was in good hands. After 2 weeks she’s back her feisty and playful self. Thank you to the staff at Frost Family Pet Clinic for taking such good care of my furbaby!


Closed for the Thanksgiving holiday to allow our employees the opportunity to enjoy with their families. We will close at 4:00PM on November 21st. We will close at 3:00PM on the November 22nd. We will reopen on the 27th at 8:00AM.